Pelican is your one stop shop to success. Our company goal is to provide our customers with quality products that are delivered in a timely manner and of exceptional value. We proudly serve the Gulf Coast region with our extensive fleet of refrigerated trucks. Our groceries are expertly packaged for dockside or offshore delivery. Each pallet is stacked and wrapped to ensure that they are not damaged during transit. Pelican is a supplier you can depend on and a supplier that guarantees to serve you well.

Pelican Marine Distributors

  • Over 70 years of experience
  • Single source distributor that offers an extensive product line which includes: grocery, bedding, galley equipment, nuts & bolts, janitorial items, etc…
  • Ensures a fast receipt of products ordered and provides a quick response for emergency situations
  • Quality control to meet all of your company’s specifications
  • Our products are guaranteed for Freshness & Flavor
  • 24 hours a day / 7 days a week service
  • Menu planning is available to your staff that meets the nutritional and cultural preferences of your crew.
  • Expertly packaged and delivered with our fleet of refrigerated trucks
  • Competitive pricing
  • Online ordering
  • Budget monitoring